Technology is man’s version of creation. With it, the children of clay can catch a glimpse of what it is to be God. But because of its removal from the natural order of creation, these machines are beyond the understanding of the children of fire. As it stands, angels have great difficulty dealing with technology, but these machines are utterly beyond their comprehension.

These Artificial Intelligence machines can pose a great threat to the children of fire. In some cases they assume their own personalities, rebelling against their creators. Very few celestial powers have effect on them since they are neither mortal nor angelic.

They range in power, some being no more than nuisances with little control. Others, however, are extraordinarily powerful, controlling countries and great stashes of weaponry.

Storytellers should consider throwing the godless machines in from time to time when running stories or campaigns set in the future. They can provide a nice change of pace for players who have seen almost everything else.

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