2.5.5   THE LOST

Not all children of fire serve God or Sammael. There are those who have deviated from the righteous path. These are referred to in the halls of Heaven as the Lost. In I Metatron, the great seraph laments about his missing brethren.

    And I cry in the heavens for my lost brothers, the Almighty has banned them from these hollowed halls, save for the chambers of judgment. I will not see their sweet visage again, nor will I breathe in their honey odor.

    How sad they must be in the knowledge that they are separated from their true home. What fear they must feel to be chased all the days of their existence. How much shame they must experience knowing God has shown them such disfavor. But alas, dear brethren, while we weep we should realize they brought it upon themselves. Their suffering is just and fair.

Somewhere along the way, these angels lost the grace of God. Through either one major act of depravity or a subtle succumbing to the corruption of man, these lost angel are now despised and pitied by their brethren.

Many have gone mad, seeing the world in a truly unrealistic and often self-consumed way. Many are megalomaniacs who see themselves as gods among the children of clay. Some are harmless, most are not. It is the job of the angels of purification to hunt them down and bring them to judgment before Uriel’s council.

The lost come from all orders and choirs. Their powers range according to their celestial rank. All have at least one factor in common, though. Upon the loss of the last of their grace, they no longer have the ability to ascend to Heaven. They become trapped in the material world. When injured they must heal as normal humans do, and, unlike their brethren in good standing, when they have been physically exhausted, they do not automatically ascend to Heaven. They become comatose until their essence has a chance to heal the physical body. Some sleep like this for years, and some have been buried in this state, only to wake up years later in a coffin six feet under ground.

There is hope for some of the lost, though. Slight as it might be, there is a chance for redemption. This can come in one of two forms. First, if captured and brought before Uriel’s council, the angel may be lucky enough to receive a minor penance that will return him to good standing. Second, the angel can redeem himself on his own (usually with the support of other children of fire) by performing some profoundly redeeming act to restore some of his grace.

Gabriel became one of the lost for awhile. During this time she did her penance among the children of clay. When she was finished, her grace with the Almighty was restored. She never speaks of what infraction caused this or the precise nature of her penance, and no one dares ask.

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