2.5.2   GRIGORI

Before God created the world, before He even conceived the nine choirs of angels, He brought forth the Grigori. These creatures are distant relatives of the children of fire. Perhaps it is even appropriate to call them the mightiest of all angels.

When the world came into existence, the Lord set the Grigori to watch over the children of clay. It is in this capacity that they came to be known as the Watchers. In II Metatron, (one of the nine celestial tomes) we are given an excellent account of what happened to these mighty creatures.

    And the Lord said unto the Grigori, "You, most beloved of Mine, go forth and watch over the children of clay. Let them be safe in the knowledge that you will protect them."

    To this Shemihasah, first among the chiefs of ten, replied, "Oh Lord, we, the Watchers, will do as you command, for our hearts are filled with love for You and Your creation."

    But the task was harder, by far, then the Grigori imagined. At first they taught man wondrous things: how to fashion weapons, how to work the land, and how to navigate by the stars. But they became so enamored by the children of clay that they were corrupted. They lay with the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. Their abominable offspring were the Anakim and the Nephilim. It was this transgression which God could not bare. He cast them out of the heavens and told His angels to hunt them and their progeny…

    …And still they roam the earth. What plans they have are a mystery to us. They go on lusting after mortal flesh, and their progeny reek havoc upon man.

The Grigori were given knowledge to pass on to the children of clay. All science and technology stems from them. Even in contemporary society they go on influencing man’s development. Most scientific breakthroughs and technical innovations are caused, in part, by their meddling. It is this very nature that makes them so dangerous. For they do not have the same restrictions placed on them as other angels do concerning technology. They can understand and use it as well (if not better) than the children of clay. This combined with their extraordinary celestial abilities makes them virtually unstoppable enemies.

Luckily for the children of fire they have a very limited scope. At their creation, there were two hundred Grigori in all. They were divided into twenty groups of ten, each group having a chief to rule over them. After their corruption, however, even this loose structure disintegrated. Now there is no cohesion among their kind. They serve neither good nor evil, but only their own selfish ends. They may or may not oppose the celestials. They neither love nor despise these distant cousins.

In their divine shape, the Grigori are nearly twice the size of normal angels. Their eyes are colorless, and they have no mouths. They can not speak, save through telepathy. This is true even when they assume human guise. Though they have mouths in this form, they possess no vocal chords. Instead, they move their mouths while telepathically communicating with the children of clay. The effect is not perfect, leaving the recipient with a slightly uneasy and eerie feeling. Most of the time, though, the Grigori refrain from speaking.

There are few Grigori still in existence. Many have been hunted down through the ages. Because of their immense power, though, some have managed to prosper and evade capture. Below is a partial listing of the Grigori. Storytellers should feel free to come up with their own. Remember, though, they should not be thrown in lightly. For if they so will it, they could dispatch most minor angels in the blink of an eye. Even a Cherub or Seraph would think twice before tangling with one of the Watchers.


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