There are perils for those who spend too much time among the children of clay. Those who inhabit the bodies (the hidden form) of humans for too long may forget their celestial origins. It does, however, take some time for this to happen. Usually the process of forgetting takes two week or more of constantly being in the hidden form.

The forgotten are still celestials and still in good standing with God. They still maintain their immortal status, and if they suffer enough damage on Earth, they will automatically ascend to heaven where they will realize their true nature. Unfortunately, most of the forgotten do not go around trying to get themselves killed. There are, however, a few examples of forgotten angels committing suicide and finally recalling their true form and nature.

When a child of fire becomes one of the forgotten, he loses all his celestial forces. He is still stronger and more resilient than most children of clay, but all the powers he can call upon to perform "miraculous" feats can not be consciously inspired. Occasionally, (especially when in extreme danger) these forces can be invoked subconsciously.

The only way, outside of death, to bring a forgotten angel back into the fold is to convince him of his divine nature. This is no simple task. Even when confronted with the existence of other celestials and their powers, the forgotten angel may still not believe he is one of these beings.

In addition, the forgotten are very difficult to find. Since they always remain in human form and never use their celestial powers, they are virtually undetectable. They appear and act just like children of clay, with a few notable exceptions. Their human bodies will age very slowly (1 year for every 20 years in human form). In addition, they will have no memory of a family or childhood (since they never had these).

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