2.5.3   ANAKIM

These giants are wicked beasts, born from the coupling of Grigori with human women. In many cases, the women die during childbirth, shrieking in agony as their overgrown offspring tear their way into the world. Most Anakim are born weighing between 20-40 pounds. This does not mean to suggest that all babies born of this weight are Anakim. Some are merely extremes of human genetics.

The Anakim grow at an accelerated rate. They usually reach full maturity two or three years before the average human. When fully grown, most stand between 6’6" and 7’6" tall. Again, it should be stressed that not all humans of this size are Anakim.

Besides their immense size, there are a few other differences between Anakim and children of clay. Though they are mortal, most have a life span far longer than their counterparts. In III Metatron, the seraph reports of an Anakim who lived to be three hundred years old. In addition to their longevity, Anakim do not have souls. When they die, they are eternally destroyed. God has no place for them in Heaven. In fact, they are an aberration to Him. He has commanded His angels to destroy any Anakim they come across.

For their part, these giants are wicked creatures. Since there is no hope of afterlife, they indulge themselves in depravity. They thrive on pain and human suffering. Perhaps they are jealous of the souls of men and seek to exact a form of revenge.

In any case, they covet power and use it to intensify the world’s misery. The Anakim tend to hold positions of great influence in the world. They are dictators, generals, corporate heads, robber barons, etc. They often have many henchmen under their control. If an angel is to tangle with an Anakim, he is usually contending with the giant’s resources and influence as well. They are shrewd creatures, knowing they are no match for angels of the first and second triads.

They have no allegiance to God or Sammael. Like their fathers, the Grigori, they are selfish beings. They despise angels and demons equally, yet they stay clear of these celestials when possible. Only if no other choice is available will they contend with an immortal being.

There is no love between the Grigori and the Anakim. The Grigori will have no contact with their offspring, while the Anakim resent their fathers for giving them a life without possibility of redemption.

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