2.3.6   VIRTUES

These angels, known as the "shining ones", are the second choir in the second triad. The power within them has become so great that it emanates from their being as a virtually blinding aura. This can be attributed to the fact that, unlike Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, and even Dominations, they have not been able to come to terms with their vast abilities. They are unable to mask their powers or curtail their presence.

These great angels are often the heroes of mankind, for they perform miracles like no others. They are sent to Earth to complete the most daunting of tasks and to demonstrate without subtlety the power of the Almighty. Many of mankind’s greatest miracles have been performed by these children of fire, who can sometimes get a bit caught up in the extravagance of such deeds.

The Virtues also lead a myriad of lesser angels in large campaigns. They lead great battles against demons and other unholy emanations.

Like the Dominations above them, the Virtues are not bestowed with an unwavering character like the choirs of the first triad. They can be strong willed and obstinate. Many, having realized the great power within them, have succumbed to the sin of pride. They are often faulted for their over zealous and unnecessary use of power. Some would rather douse a candle with an ocean than a few drops of water.

Along with his duties as prince of the Thrones, Raphael also serves as leader to this lesser choir. Though their members are not as powerful as his other charges, the Virtues provide far more headaches for this great angel. They need constant watching and correction.

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