2.3.4   THRONES

Thrones, seventy in number, are the lowest of the three choirs in the first triad. As such, they hold a very distinct position in angelic society.

For one, they have a unique appearance. Their ethereal bodies are composed of red and orange flames. Like the Cherubim, four wings protrude from the Thrones’ bodies. Lightning flickers off them like darting tongues, licking viscously at the air. Though they have but one head and one face, their bodies are covered with countless eyes. Thus they are given the name "the many eyed ones".

The second aspect that sets them apart from the other children of fire is the role they play in the celestial hierarchy. They are a links between the divinity of the first triad and the corruptible essence of matter that begins to take hold in the lower ranks. For this reason, they stay primarily in the seven heavens, watching over the conduct of other angels. Most are bureaucrats, if you will, acting as intermediaries between God and the lesser choirs.

Though he is not one of them, the angel Raphael is their leader. Unlike Seraphim or Cherubim, this is more than just a title. Raphael, though kindly and cheerful, none the less has strict control of those who serve under him. They are far less individualistic than their elder brethren.

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