2.3.2   SERAPHIM

The Seraphim are the highest order of celestial beings. There are but four of these majestic creatures: Metatron, Michael, Brachiel, and Nathaniel. Their powers are grand, their duties overwhelming.

They do no have the typical look of angels that we might think of. Instead of two wings (as most of the lower ranks have), they have six. In addition, four heads sit atop their single neck. Their bodies are immersed in a blinding white flame.

They seldom interfere with mankind, only venturing to the material world under the direst of circumstances. While on Earth their presence can easily be felt by all celestials in the vicinity. For these four, lesser angels and minor abominations can be dispatched at a whim.

Currently their leader is Metatron, but this was not always the case. Before his fall, Sammael was the prince of the Seraphim. After his minions left the presence of God, Metatron assumed the position, making this mighty angel the highest ranking of the celestial hierarchy.

The four Seraphim have the broadest of duties. They govern the most important aspects of existence. Under them, a myriad of lesser angels, illuminated by these four, carry out their orders.

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