Principalities are the highest choir in the third triad. While their powers are slightly greater and their duties a bit broader, they are generally considered to be fairly equal to Archangels. As will be explained in another section, their grace is considerably higher than the two lower choirs. They do not, however, command their lesser brethren.

As with the other two choirs in this triad, the Principalities reside in the First Heaven. This is the place that bridges the material world and the celestial one. These children of fire are generally not allowed to venture farther into the Heavens, though they occasionally find reason to wander into the Second Heaven.

The Principalities along with the two lesser choirs spend most of their time in the material world. They are the ones who deal with the day to day conflicts that mankind faces in its ultimate struggle between good and evil. Principalities find themselves constantly battling between purity and corruption. Only the most obedient, persistent, and faithful among them can ascend to the second triad, though this does not guarantee their later loyalty. Most, however, fall far short of attaining this ascension.

The prince of this choir is Nisroc. He rules his subjects with a light hand, preferring to go about his own business and not medal in the affairs of other Principalities. For this he is a well liked, if not well revered, leader.

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