2.3.7   POWERS

The Powers are the lowest choir of the second triad, and they are among the most intriguing of all celestials. They seem to be ever embroiled in a struggle between the good and evil inside themselves. When Sammael fell and a third of Heaven’s host went with him, it was the choir of Powers who had the greatest attrition.

Now risen to a rank loftier then the first triad, these angels have been given increasing powers by the Almighty and access to the hitherto forbidden sections of Heaven. These new gifts come with a price, and that price is the struggle to reconcile themselves with the concepts of good and evil.

The Powers reside in the borderland between the First and Third Heavens. Here they serve a two-fold purpose. Firstly, they are meant to stop the demons from completely overrunning the Earth. Though they stop many, some demons sneak through to reek havoc among the children of clay. Second, the Powers act as guards to the higher halls of heaven. Members of the first triad are forbidden to go beyond their homes in the lower Heavens.

But these are not the only tasks of the Powers. They are often sent to earth to fulfill special missions. Unfortunately, it is in this capacity that the children of clay sometimes corrupt them.

Chief among them is Camael. As their prince, he is a perfect example of the dualistic nature of these creatures. He has faltered in his way on several occasions, but has always returned to the grace of God. He is known among his kind as a powerful and capable leader who, none the less, can be indecisive and contradictory in nature.

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