2.3.1   OVERVIEW

Even in heaven there must be order.

Almost all the 267,000,000 children of fire who have not fallen can be grouped into one of nine ranks called choirs. Fallen angels, while once part of the hierarchy, have adopted their own system of ranking. A discussion of the hierarchy of hell will be saved for a further supplement. For now, let us concentrate on those angels who are in good standing with the Almighty.

The nine choirs in the hierarchy are further clustered into three triads. In the first triad we find the choirs of the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. The second triad contains the Dominations, Virtues, and Powers. The final triad consists of the Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. These choirs represent a clear delineation among the children of fire, granting those of higher rank a degree of power and authority greater than their underlings.

The first triad is closest to God. For this reason, its members have a clearer understanding of His nature and image. He speaks directly to them, hence they are more fixed in nature than their lesser brethren. They do not waver as much between the goodness of the Almighty and the corruption of man. This static nature is also do to the fact that members of these choirs rarely interact with the children of clay. Their primary purpose is to illuminate those of the second triad regarding the will of God.

Those of the second triad acts as intermediaries between the first and third. They have less grace than their elder brethren, yet have exceedingly potent powers. Their time is evenly divided between the children of clay and the inner workings of the children of fire.

The third triad constitutes those angels closest in nature to man. The messages they receive from the Almighty have been filtered through the other triads and as such are subject to interpretation and change. They make their home in the First Heaven, which is closest in nature to the physical world of man. They deal constantly with the children of clay, rarely concerning themselves with celestial politics. They are by far the weakest and most corruptible of the triads, and their balance is almost always in question.

The total number of children of fire in existence is set. This number stands at approximately 4 million. Since only a handful of celestials have ever been utterly destroyed and no new ones created by the Almighty, this is fairly constant. Even among the separate choirs, very little movement occurs. The number of angels who are able to advance from choir to choir is so miniscule, it barely effects the demographics at all. Below is a rough breakdown of how many children of fire exist at each rank.

Seraphim:   4
Cherubim:   15
Thrones:   70
Dominations:   400
Virtues:   3,400
Powers:   25,000
Principalities:   777,000
Archangels:   52,000,000
Angels:   215,000,000

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