These children of fire are the most powerful choir of the second triad and the first we will examine who look somewhat like the angels one normally thinks of. They have only two wings and are humanoid in appearance. To look upon one in its true form, however, is still a frightening experience. They are dreadful and mighty creatures.

They are the supervisors of the second and third triads. It is their job to oversee all lesser angels, to assign them duties and tasks. For this reason, they are usually the highest choir lesser angels deal with on a regular basis. It is they who often illuminate the lower ranks.

Their time is balanced between the children of fire and the children of clay. What dealings they have on Earth, though, are usually of great importance and magnitude. Trifling with the lesser affairs of men is left to their underlings.

Every country in the world has a Domination set to watch over it. These angels greatly influence their country’s demeanor and culture. Some of these angels, however, have fallen, being corrupted by the frailties of men. They set their lands on dark and misguided paths. Others, though, remain true to the goodness of the Almighty, striving to keep their charges on a noble course.

Dominations are not perfect beings by any stretch of the imagination. They are by no means as incorruptible as the choirs of the first triad. Quite the opposite actually. Given a great deal of power, they sometimes begin to grow dangerously inflated egos and believe themselves to be more important than they should. This taste of power is mingled with the knowledge that they, according to the current system, can never progress to a higher rank, no matter how lofty their ambitions might be.

The prince of the choir of Dominations is Zadkiel. He keeps a watchful eye over them, knowing that some of his brethren teeter on the verge of corruption.

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