2.3.3   CHERUBIM

These creatures constitute the second rank of angels in the celestial hierarchy. They are fifteen in number and known amongst their kind as the holy beasts. Their bodies are those of animals while their heads are human. Unlike the Seraphim, they possess only one head, though each has four faces. In addition, they were blessed with two less wings.

Those of this choir are revered by the children of fire as both the greatest of Heaven’s guards and the bearers of knowledge and wisdom. To this end, they are the ones who protect the gates to the Garden of Eden in the Third Heaven. Additionally, two of their kind flew beside the arc when the Almighty deluged the earth with rain.

Their trips to the material realm, while more common than the Seraphim, are meager as compared to the lesser ranks of angels. They are very aware of how their presence on Earth effects the children of clay. Most humans would cower or run if they caught sight of one these holy beasts. So they keep to the seven heavens, preferring to mingle among their own kind.

The leader of the Cherubim is the mighty angel Gabriel. As with all the choirs of the first triad, she rules with less than an iron fist. Her title is merely an honorarium, as the Cherubim go about their business as they please. Counted among their number are the angels Uriel, Sandalphon, Raziel, Ithuriel, and Machidiel.

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