2.3.10   ANGELS

This, the lowest choir in the celestial hierarchy, is also the largest. At 215 million members, this choir contains more children of fire then all other choirs combined. Their duties, though small in comparison to the greater celestials, keep them constantly busy in the material world. Their powers are miniscule when compared with the highest choirs, but considerable when compared to the abilities of mortal men.

These are faltering beings that have not and may never comprehend the nature of grace. They are individualistic and often egocentric. Only a small fraction of them will ever rise to a higher rank. Many more will lose all grace and walk the earth eternally separated from God.

Their leader is Pheleg, who is, in fact, not an Angel but an Archangel. It was felt that the burden of ruling so many needed to be placed on one who was more powerful than his subjects. For this reason Pheleg, who is often overbearing and sometimes down right ruthless, was a perfect choice for the position. Though he is generally liked by his equals and elders, his subjects do nothing less than despise him.

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