This heaven sits among the stars. Here everything seems suspended in the nothingness of the cosmos. The sun and the moon are prominent in the black sky, and some of the closest stars seem so much larger and brighter than they appear from Earth. The very air is swirled with a divine florescent glow.

In the center of this heaven sits an awe inspiring city. The twelve gold towers within it are the highest points in the heaven. Twelve walls surround the majestic city, and only twelve gates lead inside. From this place, four rivers flow: one of honey, one of milk, one of oil, and one of wine. They flow down into the Third Heaven where they are combined into only two rivers.

The city is home to most of the angels of the upper two triads. Here they are at ease among the whirling celestial gasses. Here they can feel safe, far from the corrupting influence of the material world.

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