Woe to the wandering angel who sets foot in this most wretched of places. A great valley exists here, surrounded by impenetrable walls of darkness. No light shines down from the empty sky above. Not even the smallest star dares make an appearance here.

In this heaven, the fallen reside. It is to this sightless realm that they were cast down and imprisoned. Their howls of torment, grief, and anger still pierce the darkness. They prey to their master, Sammael, to give them freedom and revenge.

In the center of the Second Heaven sits the palace of Sammael himself-- the spires of this fortress stretching high into the endless night. It is within these walls that Sammael schemes to lash out at the Almighty by leading the children of clay astray. He looks out over his unseeable kingdom and tries to deny that it is indeed part of Heaven. Instead he calls it Hell, and it is his home

Surrounding the palace of Sammael, are the lesser structures of his reigning chiefs. There are ten in all, the demon-lords of each preferring his own form of ghoulish decor.

A narrow path runs between the gates of the First Heaven and the gates of the Third. This is the only place within the Second Heaven where the stars shine. Here the sons of light can travel through this abominable place with out being harmed. The sides of this path are lined with watchful Powers, making sure no demons stray from their blackest home. Despite their diligence, however, more than a few sons of darkness are able to sneak through and make their way into the First Heaven and inevitably Earth. In addition, the Powers secure the gates to the Third Heaven to make certain no angels of the lowest triad enter, for they are forbidden in these higher realms.

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