At the entrance to the First Heaven stands a mighty gate. To mere mortals it appears colossal, reaching five hundred feet into the air and with a width of one hundred and fifty feet. To children of fire who approach this portal in their normal form, it seems grand though not enormous. Atop the golden gate, a stone bust of Gabriel looks down. Her empty eyes track all those who approach. This seems only fitting since she is the prince of this realm.

There are rumors that a long forgotten path leads from the Earth to this gate--a path on which even the children of clay may tread. If such a path exists, none of the third triad angels know anything about it, and those of the higher triads keep silent on the subject. Still, the rumors seem well founded, since once in a great while a straggler from Earth ends up at the gate.

This, the First Heaven, borders on our own world. For this reason, it resembles the Earth more closely than any of the other heavens. The blue sky and lush landscape are dotted with the same features we see in the material realm. Though the sky is filled with bright, vibrant clouds floating on gentle winds, there is no sun in the azure firmament. Instead, this heaven seems to be bathed in a supernatural light that emanates from everywhere. The landscape literally glows with its radiance.

There is but one river in this realm. The orange and red ripples of its surface resemble fire as it flows from east to west, emptying into the endless sea. The waters of this river are refreshing to the children of fire. Those who play in its depths are rejuvenated and healed.

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