2.7.5   URIEL

If Michael is God’s champion than surely Uriel ("fire of God") is His enforcer. This Cherub is the most feared of the seven of divine grace. In fact, were it not fore his high grace, Uriel would have certainly made an excellent demon. His over zealous and wrathful nature is legend around the halls of Heaven.

Uriel is the angel of repentance as well as the angel who watches over thunder and terror. His most impressive and daunting task is as presider of Tartarus. He holds the keys to this fiery prison, and it is his underlings who administer punishment to the wicked.

It is not only the punishment of the children of clay that Uriel is in charge of. His duties extend to the judgment and punishment of the children of fire as well. Righteous angels who have strayed from their path must reckon with his dreadful council if they are caught. Both demons and Grigori are also brought before him for punishment.

He is the soul author of the book of Retribution (one of the nine Celestial Tomes). In this book he lays out the laws the children of fire must adhere to. Additionally, he spells out the punishments for these indiscretions. In the last paragraph of this work, he states very succinctly his views on transgressions.

    Those coming before me, having broken the edict of the Lord, expecting mercy shall find none. You are wretched things, and I have no time for your pleading. Prepare yourself for the eternal punishment to come. For mercy, I know not your name.

Two important events highlight Uriel’s dealings with the children of clay. He was the angel sent to Noah to warn the arc-builder of the coming flood. He was also the dark angel who came down from Heaven to wrestle with Jacob at Peniel.

It is said that Uriel has the sharpest eyes in heaven. Indeed this is the case. No deception or illusion passes his notice, and he is quick to punish those who seek to deceive him. His honor and devotion to God are both impressive and blindly cruel.

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