Oh great Shemihasah, how you’ve disappointed our Father. Your betrayal was far worse than that of the accursed one. The Almighty trusted you with the souls of his Children, and instead of protecting them you and your kind buckled to the petty urges of the flesh
    -The Book of Promises

Shemihasah was the leader of the two hundred Grigori sent to Earth to teach and protect the children of clay. The chiefs of ten would take no action with out his say so. He was the watcher who taught men to grow and harvest crops. This innovation caused humans to prosper and thrive.

Like the rest of his breed, Shemihasah became covetous of the flesh of the children of clay. He had two children with human women, Hiwa and Hiya. These two giants were ravenous creatures. It was said that every day they consumed 1,000 horses, 1,000 camels, and 1,000 oxen. When there was not enough to satiate their appetite, they feasted on humans. Shemihasah was appalled by his progeny and would have nothing to do with them. Despite his disgust, the Grigori leader went on ravaging the flesh of human men and woman.

When God passed judgment on these wretched creatures, ordering them all to be brought to Heaven for punishment, it was Michael and Uriel who were able to (with great difficulty) subdue this mighty creature. They brought him before the Almighty who judged that he would spend the rest of eternity tormented for his transgressions. He was hung upside-down over the great flame. Daily the angels of torment flayed his skin with dull knifes.

Sometime after the flood, (when Hiwa and Hiya were killed), Shemihasah was able to escape. No one is quite sure how he managed this feat. He fled to Earth and has not been heard from since. Assuredly he is scheming against those who punished him and is almost certainly still indulging in his evil transgressions.

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