2.7.10   SAMMAEL

Sammael ("poison angel") is ruler of the Second Heaven, which he calls Hell. His great palace rests in the center of this realm of darkness. From here he commands legions of demons to go into the world and contest the will of the Almighty.

Once the mightiest and brightest of all angels, Sammael has fallen so far. Now his rage at the children of clay consumes his core. This hideous hatred drives him to separate mankind from its Creator. There is no other goal for him.

Most of this work is accomplished by the dukes of hell and their underlings, but on occasion Sammael himself travels to the material realm. One such occurrence happened at the time of Moses’ death. Sammael himself went to contend for the body of the great patriarch. Upon taking possession of the body, however, he was confronted by Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. For the second time, Michael bested the accursed one in physical combat. Sammael tells the story differently, though. In his version, he withdrew of his own volition, realizing such a confrontation did not serve his aims.

Though the true atrociousness of his form is beyond words, Sammael often depicts himself as a handsome and charismatic figure. When presenting himself to the children of clay he disguises himself as the most upstanding and honorable of gentleman. The King of Hell has long since realized that the subtle approach far outweighs the direct one. He corrupts mankind with sweet words and plausible arguments.

Sammael has taken four wives for himself. Agrat-Bat-Mablabt and Eisbetb Zenunim are angels of prostitution. Lilith was once the wife of Adam until she was rejected by him. It is said that she is Sammael’s favorite bride. Finally, Naamab is Sammael’s most sensual wife. She is the greatest seductress Heaven or Earth has ever seen. She lusts after both demons and the sons of Adam. Sammael encourages her in this lecherous behavior.

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