2.7.7   REMIEL

Remiel ("mercy of God") is of the choir of Thrones. He is the angel of true vision. In this capacity he brings prophetic dreams from God to the children of clay. Additionally, he has been designated as the angel who will lead the souls before the Almighty on judgment day.

But Remiel’s most important role is as leader of the ministering angels. In this capacity he illuminates members of the second triad regarding what missions need to be accomplished on Earth. In situation of great weight Remiel himself descends to Earth to deliver the holy message.

Among the heavenly host, Remiel is well respected and well liked. Unlike Raphael, though, he is not a cheerful and jolly child of fire. Rather, he is known to be serious and stern, though his fairness is legend.

It is also through Remiel that the Almighty pronounces his revelations concerning the children of fire. These revelations have been repeated to Metatron who set them down in the book of Resolutions.

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