2.7.4   RAPHAEL

Raphael ("God has healed") is at once the most likeable and mysterious of the seven angels of divine grace. Among his duties, he is the angel of love, prayer, light, and joy. In addition, he is ruler of the Sun and prince of the choir of Virtues.

Raphael’s primary role, however, is healer. This manifests in two ways. First, he is charged with healing the Earth so that it can sustain human life—a task that has become far more difficult since the coming of the industrial age. Secondly, he is the source of all healing for the children of fire. Along with his subordinates, he keeps the mighty river in the First Heaven flowing with revitalizing water.

Raphael is a mystifying creature even to those of his own kind. Although he is prince of the Virtues, he does not appear to be one of them. The choirs of Cherubim, Seraphim, Dominations, and Powers all claim him as one of their own. His six wings may suggest that he is of Seraphim origin, but no angel (save for Michael and Metatron who remain silent on the issue) knows for sure. There is speculation that he is outside the three triads, a separate choir in and of himself.

Among his greatest accomplishments in the material realm are his instructions to Tobias on the manufacturing of medicine (derived from the parts of a fish) and the healing of Jacob when he wrestled with an angel at Peniel. He is also the angel who brought forth Sefer Raziel (one of the nine celestial tomes) from the ocean. This book was presented to Noah to teach him the art of medicine. It is to his chagrin that the book is now used for more diabolic endeavors.

Raphael is well liked by both the children of fire and the children of clay. His playful and joyous attitude is refreshing for one of his celestial status. He is not nearly as aloof as most of the seven of divine grace are. Rather, he visits frequently with the lower choirs and is genuinely interested in the goings on of the Celestial Hierarchy at every level.

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