2.7.6   RAGUEL

Raguel ("friend of God") is an anomaly among the seven angels of divine grace. He belongs to the choir of Principalities, outranking only Angels and Archangels. Still, he found a way to make himself dear to the Almighty.

Centuries ago he was in charge of overseeing the righteous behavior of the children of fire and dealing out punishment. At least half this job was usurped by the mighty angel Uriel. It was Uriel’s belief that Raguel was incapable of carrying out these tasks since many of the angels to be admonished were of greater power and rank. Raguel, who is a forgiving being, holds no grudge against Uriel for this action.

Raguel still helps to oversee the conduct of celestials. He helps those who struggle with their existence and who’ve faltered along the path of the Almighty. In this respect, his underlings and himself are more councilors than punishers.

Raguel seldom travels to Earth. His exploits among the children of clay are less numerous than the other angels of divine grace. In fact his only great deed among humans was to transport the prophet Enoch to the heavens for his visit.

In the Heavens, however, Raguel is well known and well respected. He is sought out often for his help and advice. Angels struggling with their flawed nature would rather deal with him (where they might actually receive some help) than to tangle with Uriel’s angels of purification.

Despite his meager appearance and mannerisms, do not take him lightly. He still caries the favor of God and so can accomplish much more than would seem possible. To cross him is to cross the Almighty Himself.

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