2.7.1   OVERVIEW

The following pages contain descriptions of some of the primary celestial players. They are offered here to give the reader more knowledge of the angelic universe and hopefully spur on the creative process. The storyteller should feel free to introduce these characters into his/her story. Keep one thing in mind when doing so, though. These are among the most powerful celestials the game has to offer. Causing PC’s to conflict with them will almost always result in failure.

Only descriptions are given here, not statistics. This is done for two reasons. Firstly, first triad choirs (of which many of these characters are members) possess forces and abilities not available to PC’s. Inclusion of all this supplementary material was not possible for this introductory work. Secondly, the author wished this section to be available to both players and storytellers alike. Knowledge of these creatures is possessed by all angels and thus should be accessible to all. By not including statistical information on these creatures, the player is not privy to information the storyteller would like to keep secret. Later supplements will detail this information for the use of storytellers.

For now, the storyteller is encouraged to come up with what ever seems appropriate when implementing these characters in their stories. Also, the storyteller should keep in mind that the creatures contained here by no means represent the extent of important characters. Many beings were not included in this catalog. Storytellers are encouraged to come up with their own key celestial players.

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