2.7.2   MICHAEL

Michael ("Who is as God") is one of the most powerful and revered of God’s angels. This emerald-winged Seraph is the most beloved by the Almighty. His loyalty is unwavering, his dedication endless. He is known among his kind as God’s champion. Sitting at the right side of God’s throne, Michael is eternally good and completely beyond corruption.

In the first battle for heaven, Michael was the leader of the sons of light who cast out the sons of darkness. In single combat, he overcame Sammael and threw the accursed one from the higher Heavens. In Chronicles, the great Seraph, Metatron, recounts the battle:

    ‘Twas with great trembling that the sons of light did back away from the adversary, but Michael was steadfast and unyielding. With drawn sword, he charged the Father of Lies, Sammael.

    With a clash of weapons, their battle raged for but an instant. All the children of fire witnessed the accursed one go down under the unrelenting blows of Michael. Upon the head of the fallen one, Michael set his foot to signal victory. Then, grabbing the angel who was once the brightest in all the celestial choirs, he threw this wretched thing from Heaven. And the sons of darkness followed quickly in toe.

But this is not the only example of Michael’s combative expertise. In 700 BC, when Sannacherib threatened Jerusalem, it was this great angel who came down to save the day. He obliterated the forces of the Assyrian king, 185,000 strong, in one night.

Michael is also known as the angel of judgment. Though it is merely metaphorical, he is said to carry the scales of justice to weigh the hearts of men upon their death. To this end, all the psychopomps are under his command. Psychopomps are those angels whose duty it is to guide the souls of the dead to their proper destination in the afterlife.

Among the children of clay, as well as the children of fire, Michael is revered above all. He has, however, been noticeably absent in the workings of men during modern times. Those of the second and third triads suspect he is saving up strength for the final battle. Whatever the case, he has indeed become a recluse even in angelic society.

Prophecy tells us that in the last days of judgment, It will be Michael who must once again do battle with Sammael. And those who have seen Sammael in recent days have attested to the fact that he is much stronger than before.

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