2.7.9   METATRON

Metatron is the mightiest of all angels. He has many titles. Among others, he is referred to as both the king of angels and even the lesser YHWH. He is one of the four Seraphim and as such is the prince of his choir. Though children of clay (who know little of him) may quarrel, he is higher in rank than Michael or Gabriel

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this angel is his height. In deed, he stands head and shoulders above all others. Even the Grigori, noted for their monstrous stature, stand a full head smaller.

Metatron has many duties in Heaven, as would be expected for one of his rank. One of his most important duties is as celestial scribe. Seven of the nine Celestial Tomes were authored by him. These works are kept close to his side in the Seventh Heaven

Primary among his other duties is as guardian of all Heaven. It would seem that the great champion Michael should assume such a position, and, in fact, Michael was the one who bested Sammael when the dark one tried to wrestle control of Heaven. While Michael may be the brawniest (best in a physical confrontation) it is Metatron’s wit that make him such an adept guardian. When the two Egyptian sorcerers barged their way into Heaven, it was Metatron alone who ousted them. Both Gabriel and Michael tried to best the two wizards and failed miserably. Though Metatron has never told what trick he used, the two interlopers were quickly dispatched.

Though he is supreme in Heaven, Metatron plays only a secondary roll with the children of clay. In fact, though he is the architect of the promises that enlisted his fellow angels in helping them, most mortals have neglected him. This is due in large part to the incredible rarity with which he traveled to Earth. In fact, the last known visit of Metatron was when he led the children of Israel through the wilderness.

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