2.7.3   GABRIEL

Gabriel ("God is my strength") is the angel of resurrection, mercy, vengeance, and revelation. This Cherub is far different in nature and demeanor from Michael. Whereas, Michael is God’s champion, Gabriel is His chief ambassador to the children of clay. Gabriel’s grace is also the lowest of the seven angels of divine grace.

Because of Gabriel’s propensity to appear in the guise of women when dealing with the children of clay, the pronoun, she, is most often used to denote her (with the exception of Islamic culture where Gabriel always appears as a man). Gabriel appears as a woman when it suits her purpose as a messenger of God, especially when it concerns childbirth. She brought the news of both Mary’s holy child and the birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias. In both cases, she took the hidden form of a woman.

But there is a darker side to her. She was the angel responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gamora as ordered by the Almighty. This other side is evident in her quick temper and tendency to punish those who disbelieve her messages.

Among the heavenly host, her role is just as great. She is prince of the choir of Cherubim. Additionally, she is in command of the angels who guard the gates of Eden. Piled on top of these duties, she is prince of the First Heaven.

But Gabriel does not have as illustrious a standing in celestial society as one might think. For a time she fell into disgrace. The halls of Heaven were absent her presence for nearly two hundred years. Dobiel took on many of her duties during this absence. When Gabriel finished her penance, she was reinstated as one of God’s seven most beloved ones. Little is known of her specific infraction. Some say she failed to fulfill God’s precise instructions, but the event is not written of in any of the Celestial Tomes. None of the children of fire dare ask about it, for Gabriel is known to be a vindictive angel. She still bares a grudge against Dobiel for taking her place, but will not act against him in honor of God’s wishes. It is for these reasons that Gabriel is more feared than revered by her kind.

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