2.7.12   ASTAROTH

Astaroth is one of the ten dukes of Hell. He is considered by those who’ve met him to be the most civil of the fallen angels. His palace in the Second Heaven does not show so many of the depraved trappings of most of other dukes. His quarters are emasculate and rather devoid of horrors. It is in the great hall of this place that he talks philosophy with his demon kin.

Astaroth is the architect of many of Sammael’s most effective ploys to corrupt the children of clay. It is said that he was the one who came up with the story to portray his master, Sammael, as a dutiful servant punished unfairly by an inconsistent God.

He is not a great warrior or fierce in nature as are some of his brethren. He prefers to win his battles with words and gentle persuasion. He is the official scribe of Hell, though there seems to be little prestige in such a position. None the less, he dutifully writes down his thoughts and those of his master.

Astaroth has on many occasions traveled to Earth. While in the material realm the hidden shape he takes is almost always the same. He transforms himself into a man of small stature. With white suit, handlebar mustache, and wiry spectacles, he is the very picture of an unassuming soul. For the children of clay, however, his words are more devastating than the most gruesome of weapons.

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