With the advent of sin and the choice of free will, the children of clay were left defenseless against the evil hordes. Demons leaking from Heaven found supple minds willing to soak up their tales of wickedness and greed. The early days saw great success for these evil beings. The demons taught them how to grow prosperous and strong, how to conquer the lands and conquer each other. Many mortals were turned away from the path of righteousness, the path of God. They began to make these demons their deities, seeing them as saviors and guides through the turmoil of life.

And God wept for the misguided.

His first solution was to send the mighty Grigori to Earth to teach and protect the children of clay. Unfortunately, these great creatures proved as susceptible to corruption as man. At this point the mighty Metatron stepped forward and promised his angels would look after the children of clay

And so the Almighty sent minions of the sons of light to look out for the children of clay. It is this task that has become central to the angels’ existence. Some actively seek out and vanquish all demons that have dared to meddle in the affairs of humans. Still others give the children of clay the strength and guidance needed to turn away from the godless path. Some protect while others punish. Some preach while others police their own kind. In the end the goal is always the same, to save the children of clay.

The Almighty has not given his servants free reign over the Earth, though. He set restrictions and limitations on their conduct. Angels are not to trample on man’s free will. The ultimate decision between a good life and one mislead must be made by the individual child of clay. Unless under the Almighty’s directive, angels are not allowed to kill any child of clay. Even the wickedest of humans is protected, for there is always the chance they can be turned to good. The Almighty prefers conversion over coercion, subtlety over brazenness, and self-control over indulgence. Disobeying these dictates can bring punishment and a loss of divine Grace.

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