Before the creation of the children of fire, God brought forth the mighty Grigori. These grand, winged creatures stood taller and stronger then their younger brothers. The Almighty cherished them above the children of fire, endowing these celestial beings with great powers. For a time they were the preeminent beings in the Heavens

The sin of man changed all that, though. The Lord entrusted the Grigori to help the children of clay. The Watchers were sent to Earth to teach humans the skills that would help them survive and endure. They performed their duties with great vigor and enthusiasm. They became enamored by humans, however, and in the end faltered to the corruption of the flesh.

In the guise of men, they lay with human woman, and in the form of woman, they lay with human men. From these unholy couplings, abominations were born. The Nephilim and Anakim were creatures of evil.

For generations these unions went unchecked. The world became full of evil offspring who fed on the fear and devoured the flesh of the children of clay. The Watchers, so consumed with their earthly lust did not see the harm they were causing. They were oblivious to the destruction their children were reeking. The children of clay were on the verge of extermination.

This so enraged God that he sent his angels to the Earth to eliminate all the Nephilim and Anakim they could find. A Great flood was unleashed to cleanse the world of these aberrations. The rain fell and the waters rose, cleansing the surface of the Earth. Even most of the children of clay (many of whom had grown wicked) were wiped away. Though all the Anakim died, it is said that some Nephilim might have escaped the flood. If this is the case, by now they would be among the most powerful of all creatures in the universe.

Death for their children was a blessing compared to what the Grigori suffered. The Almighty sent his angels out to capture these betraying celestials. Over half have been caught. In the Fifth Heaven they face eternal imprisonment and torment. In these cells they weep for forgiveness and for the desire of flesh.

Shemihasah, chief among them, was caught near the beginning of this purge. Hung upside down over the great flame, his skin was seared and flayed from the bone over and over again. Though no one seems quite sure how, he managed to escape from this unending torment and flee back to Earth. No angel has seen or heard of him since.

There are still a few Grigori in modern days. As the population of the children of clay grows and as their technological world becomes more prevalent, the Watchers have had an easier time hiding. During this period they have sired many more children. The Anakim and Nephilim again roam the Earth, albeit in lesser numbers. The children of fire are obliged to destroy these creatures whenever they come across them.

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