Sammael was once the greatest and most loved of all the children of fire. He was prince of the choir of Seraphim, leader of all the heavenly host. But Sammael became corrupted, losing the grace of God, and in so doing caused a third of his brethren to rebel against the Almighty.

There are varying accounts of how this once beloved angel became so vile and corrupt. The official version, set down in the book of Chronicles (one of the Nine Celestial Tomes), says it was pride that caused Sammael’s fall. The mighty Seraph Metatron writes:

    And the prince of the Seraphim thought much of himself. He became boastful and arrogant, thinking himself greater than even God. Such thoughts lead to resentment, resentment lead to dissention, and dissention lead inevitably to rebellion. So it was that the once brightest of angels rose up against his Creator, and a multitude of celestials battled beside him

The sons of darkness see the event in a totally different light. They portray Sammael as a dutiful and ever humble servant of the Almighty. They claim their leader was forsaken by God because he was too obedient. It is their assertion that the Almighty was inconsistent with His edicts. Of course, the sons of light reject this claim

At the time of his fall, Sammael had many allies. He brought havoc to the halls of Heaven, leading a third of the children of fire to stray from God. Among the fallen were all nine princes of the celestial choirs, for they had become prideful as well. It was easy for Sammael to rally them behind his cause. The greatest loss came in the choir of Powers, who, having always been the most susceptible to corruption, were quick to join forces with the dark one. In all, almost half this choir rose up against the Almighty.

But more children of fire remained faithful than did not. Although the sons of darkness boasted many powerful angels, the sons of light had their own mighty angel to lead them. That angel was the Seraph Michael. He led the sons of light into battle against the sons of darkness to determine who would have control of the Heavens.

In the end, the sons of light were victorious, and all the fallen were cast out of the higher Heavens. They were relegated to the Second Heaven where they live in eternal darkness, separated from goodness and light. Many, however, have escaped to Earth bearing evil progeny and trying to infect the children of clay with their wickedness.

The sons of darkness, hereafter referred to as demons, are aware they can not directly contend with the power of God and the superior number of righteous angels. As a result, they have changed their tactics. Now they seek to hurt the Almighty by causing His precious creations, the children of clay to turn away from Him.

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