Children of fire have three ways of communicating: speech, telepathy, and illumination. Speech is only used on Earth, and is generally limited to communicating with the children of clay. Though they can speak while in Heaven, the process is far more cumbersome than telepathic transmission.

All angels possess the ability to telepathically communicate with any child of clay or celestial within sight. Through this process, thoughts are projected directly into the mind of the target. Only the sender and receiver of the telepathic message can hear it. If the recipient is a child of clay the conversation is one sided, since, under normal circumstances, humans can not reciprocate. It must be stressed that telepathy does not allow the angels to read the thoughts of others. It is merely another means of communication.

Illumination, on the other hand, is a far more effective method of communication. It can only be done from angel to angel, and the celestial doing the illuminating must be of a higher triad than the one he is trying to illuminate. Thus angels of the same triad or even the same choir can not utilize this power with each other.

Illumination is like passing complete understanding of a story or situation in the blink of an eye. No words are exchanged, no discussion needed. The recipient simply comprehends all that the transmitter is trying to get across. This ability is most often used by greater angels to send their subordinates on missions. Though most angels using this power must be in the presence of the target, it is said that those of the first triad can use it over vast distances.

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