Technology poses a very serious problem for the children of fire. Technology is a manifestation of man’s ability to act as creator. It is totally and utterly removed from the divine (a fact that does not necessarily make it evil). Because they are not part of the web of God’s creation, technological advances are difficult for angels to utilize and interact with. As time passed, and the future became the present, this problem has suddenly become more unnerving. In a campaign set in the far future, technology may lift man to a state nearly as powerful as the children of fire.

The more technologically advanced an item is, the harder it will be for a child of fire to comprehend its use. A gun, for instance, would be far easier to comprehend than a calculator would. It is not the complexity of  the thing that  makes it hard to use; it is merely the technological know-how that went into making it that is important. As a simple (and not always accurate) rule of thumb, assume that developments and inventions that come later in the human time-line are more difficult for celestials to deal with then early ones. The rules section of this game will give storytellers and players an idea of how to incorporate this aspect into the story.

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