2.1.5   MOVEMENT

Getting around is much more complex for the children of fire than it is for the children of clay. Because these divine creatures must exist in different states and forms, there is a plethora of choices when it comes to methods of transportation. While in the Seven Heavens, movement is most natural for them. Here they move much like the children of clay do on Earth. In this realm, they have the ability to walk or fly.

On Earth, the realm of matter, things become a bit more convoluted. Here their ability to traverse the globe is dependent on the form they assume.

Those choosing a non-material state (subtle or divine) can move at great speeds (usually 50x greater than normal humans). They may also pass through most matter without impediment. The one exception is that no angel while in an ethereal state can penetrate deep below the Earth’s surface. It seems that the surface of the Earth (be it soil, rock, or water) acts as a repulsive force in these cases. Large masses of matter tend to push against the ethereal being. The farther they travel through it, the more the resistance. This is also true for angels in deep underground caverns trying to get to the surface.

The other option the children of fire have while in an ethereal state is teleportation. With this ability they can appear at any point on the Earth (the same subterranean rules as above apply). In most cases, though, it is an imprecise method. The child of fire usually appears in the general vicinity of his destination, but rarely directly at it. For example, a child of fire attempting to teleport to a specific church will often find himself standing a few blocks away from it. The distance the celestial appears from the desired location is totally up to the Storyteller and is governed by the needs of the story.

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