In their true form, we as humans could hardly perceive what the children of fire truly look like. Within the Seven Heavens, they are colossal creatures who are composed of varying degrees of celestial material. They are not of matter, but rather of energy.

To the children of clay they would appear as shifting visages of unstable energy held together with what must seem a fragile web of imagery. To their brethren, though, they are very discernable and distinct. For the sake of game feasibility, angels should be described in very human terms when dealing with other celestials.

Most angels are of the two winged variety. These wings jut from their backs like bird’s, spreading out to either side. Their bodies are humanoid, though much larger than the average man. Their faces are neither inherently perfect nor inherently flawed. They are as diverse and unique as human faces. This description, of course, only applies to the lower six choirs. The Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones bear little resemblance to their lesser brethren. Their description will be left for another time.

Though the above description does reflect what the children of fire look like to each other in their natural form, one fact should be remembered. Celestials have quite a lot of latitude when it comes to what appearance they portray to others. In many respects, they can portray themselves however they see fit.

One last point should be noted. By nature, the children of fire are androgynous (sexless). In their true forms they are neither male nor female, possessing none of the distinctive physical features of either. They are not hermaphrodites (being both male and female) as some have suggested. This is completely opposite their true nature. While in the hidden form, however, they can assume either male or female guise.

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