The way we see angels is colored by Hollywood’s candy-coated imagery. They are portrayed as peacefully perfect beings of goodness and virtue. They are unflawed, unblemished. This is a lie, though. Angels are not so simply understood. The children of fire are complex creatures composed of countless contradictions and ambiguities.

It is difficult for our minds to grasp the true concept of the children of fire. Their form and function are mysterious and unique. Though they are not of the material world (so need not follow our physical laws), there is no other way to describe them but to endow them with physical traits and abilities. With all these explanations, dear reader, keep in mind that the descriptions are far more concrete then the abstract reality they represent. Their concepts of space and time are far more fluid then ours. But as we are not angels, we can only describe them in the words of men.

Among the children of fire there is great diversity. Every choir has its own flavor, every order its own uniqueness, every angel his own individually. With this said, however, some general points can be made about all members of the celestial hierarchy. The following sections seek to explore these commonalties.

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