2.1.3   FORM

While on Earth, the children of fire have a number of options on how to present themselves. These are known as forms. There are three forms celestials can choose from: subtle, divine, and hidden. Transformation between forms can be done at will, but the process takes five to ten seconds to complete. In addition, only when the celestial is in an ethereal state can he ascend to the Heavens.

Subtle Form
This is perhaps the least common form angels take while on Earth. In this shape they are merely a presence passing through the material world. They are formless, substanceless, and very difficult to detect by other celestials. Humans, without the aid of magical amulets, have no chance whatsoever of detecting them.

In this form, the child of fire can have virtually no effect on the world of matter and substance. They are no more than watchers, no more than mere thoughts. Most of their forces will not operate or will work in diminished capacity. In this form, they can travel to distant locations in the blink of an eye.

Divine Form
While in this form, the children of fire assume a smaller likeness of their true celestial bodies. They can choose to be ethereal or material (substanceless or substantive). If they choose an ethereal state, the children of clay can generally not see them. Whether they are ethereal or material, they are always visible to other celestial creatures.

To appear before a human in this form can be quite a traumatic experience. Most angels’ true appearance  is far from the sublime and lovely visage we might expect. Indeed, some of the creatures are down right hideous to behold. Most humans of low courage will feint or flee at the sight of a child of fire. Only the angel's soothing words can calm them.

In the divine form, children of fire can use all their forces to full potential. Some forces, however, require that the celestial be material in order to perform them.

Hidden Form
This is the most common shape celestials take while passing among the children of clay. Here they assume a human guise to carry them on their duties. This form is always in the material state. It has a few very distinct advantages. In this form, a child of fire’s true nature is very difficult to detect by other celestial beings. This is especially true if the angel refrains from using any celestial forces that might give him away.

While most forces can be used to their full potential, there are a few that children of fire can not use while in the hidden shape. additionally, there is one more added hindrance. Because the child of fire must assume a material state to take this form, he can not instantly ascend to the gates of the First Heaven. The angel must first change to an ethereal state, a process that takes 5 to 10 seconds.

There is one last feature of the hidden shape that demands discussion here. All angels, while in this shape, have certain signatures they display no matter what type of body they assume. The signature may very greatly between angels, but it is always there. Signatures may include, but are not limited to the following. The child of fire always transforms himself into humans with specific impediments. For instance, the angel is always missing an eye. Some children of fire will only transform into certain types of people (i.e. children, midgets, old women, etc.). Lastly, the child of fire can choose a signature relating to a certain item or manner of dress. Perhaps the angel always wears green or a specific medallion.

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