A campaign is simply a set of stories linked together in some way. These stories can follow a single plot line or be connected by thematic elements. In most cases, (though not all) they share some or all of the same main characters. In Children of Fire there are two types of campaigns.

The first type of campaign is what most role-players are use to. Here contiguous stories follow what can be referred to as chapters. Each chapter has a main thrust and continues to progress the plot or theme. These games usually incorporate the same atmosphere from chapter to chapter and share a common genre. Though they can incorporate large jumps in time, most chapter start soon after the last one has ended.

The second type of campaign is unique to Children of Fire. Here the chapters need not occur within the same genre and leaps of decades or centuries are common during the advancement of the overall plot. This is do to the incredible longevity of angels as compared to the children of clay. Additionally, this more free-flowing timeline allows entire chapters to actually occur prior to the chapter they follow. Though the atmosphere and setting of each of these chapters may differ, there must be some thematic and story elements that hold things together.

In Children of Fire campaigns have the tendency to take on very epic tones. The end goal of the story is usually something of extraordinary weight. Some involve the fulfillment of prophecy, the birth of holy children, the destruction of crucial elements of the universe, or the warped visions of the fallen celestials.

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