Grace has two uses in the Children of Fire system. Firstly it is a pool from which players can draw to increase the results of their rolls. For every point of grace spent the player receives a +1 to his die roll. There are, however, a few restrictions.

For One, the maximum number of grace points a player can spend on a single roll is dependent on his choir. The following chart details these limitations.

Choir   Max Expenditure
Angels 2
Archangels 3
Principalities 4
Powers 6
Virtues 8
Dominations 10
Thrones 15
Cherubim 20
Seraphim 25

Secondly, grace expenditures must be decided upon before the dice are rolled. A player can not wait to see if he has succeeded or failed his roll before deciding to use grace points.

Points used in this manner are not permanently lost. Rather, they are used up for the duration of the story. At the beginning of a new story, the player again has access to all his grace points

In addition to using grace points to modify rolls, players can use their character’s grace to attempt to call for divine intervention. The celestial preys to the Heavens for the Almighty to intervene on his behalf. This roll is actually made as a percentage roll. The player must roll equal to or under they’re grace score. This is the original grace score, not the current one used up by roll modifying expenditures.

This option is only exercised under the most extreme situations. Whether it succeeds or fails, the attempt results in an automatic loss of 5 grace points. This is a permanent change to the grace score and can only be reclaimed through grace increasing acts. The Almighty does not like to do the work of his angels, and considers such interventions to be a failure on the part of his holy subjects.

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