Here it is, the governing rule for the entire game…

Situations whose outcome is in doubt or may be contended are resolved by rolling 2d10. This number is combined with a number from either the player’s or supporting cast member’s character sheet. In most cases a total of 20 or greater is considered a success.

If the Storyteller wishes to apply a greater difficulty to the action, then the target to be achieved (roll + stat) can be raised. The storyteller can set any target number he/she would like, but the chart below gives a rough guideline

Difficulty   Target
Normal 20
Hard 25
Very Hard 30
Nearly Impossible 35

An attempt has been made to keep these terms simple and not cloud the chart with uselessly poetic adjectives.

That’s all there is to it. This one rule governs 90% of all game play.

As for contested actions (i.e. two characters having a tug-o-war) both players would roll and the one who achieved the highest combined target would win. It’s that simple.

There is, however, one little catch storytellers can choose to either apply or ignore. A roll of 2 (snake eyes) is considered a failure, even if the total of both roll and stat matched or exceeded the target number. In contested rolls, this also results in a –5 to the final total for that player. Likewise, a roll of twenty (double zeros) is considered a success even if it did not achieve the target number. With contested rolls, a +5 is added to the player’s total.

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