The combat roll described above only reflects the physical confrontation between two beings. It does not take into account the use of forces in a conflict. Use of such forces can easily sway the outcome of battle and allow the players to emerge from the scene victoriously.

In the midst of battle, however, forces can be very difficult to perform. Attempting to disengage and somehow exert ones will on the universe can be a daunting challenge. For this reason, many force rolls in a combat scene will have a difficulty of hard (25). This is reflected in contested rolls by the character using the force incurring a -5 to his total when comparing it to the opponent’s.

Keep in mind, not all situations of force use will incur this penalty. There are many role-playing circumstances where this penalty would not make sense. For instance, though the characters may make a combat roll, characters that use a force before the engagement of that combat is described probably would not suffer the increased difficulty.

In the end, the effect of forces on a combat scene is different for every situation. For this reason, the storyteller is responsible for deciding their effect and whether it turns the tide of a battle.

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