The one aspect for which rules and guidelines are most important concerns the use of celestial forces. These forces add a great deal to the character and feel of the game, but they can also be a source of great consternation and debate. This section tries to clearly spell out their uses and limitations.

Every force has a governing stat from which all die rolls are based. This stat is different for each force. Check the corresponding description for the governing stat. In most cases, as with the rest of the game, a target of 20 is the norm. Higher results are assumed to indicate better or more powerful manifestation of a force, but this is purely a subjective matter left up to the Storyteller to decide.

Some forces are contested (directly opposed by another character). In these situations both participants must make a roll. Only if the total achieved by the character using the force is greater than his opponent's roll, does the force take effect. If the combined roll and stat did not add up to 20 (even if it beat the opponent’s) the force is also not successful.

The use of forces can be felt by other celestial as well as very attuned children of clay. The child of fire using the power sends out a shock wave of sorts (almost like a sonic boom). The more powerful the force, the greater the ripples it causes. In game mechanic terms, the more a character exceeds his target by, the louder the celestial noise will be. A player rolling a 21 to perform a blessing would only create a whisper (detectable only to those very near him), while a roll of 35 would create a colossal shock wave that could be felt anywhere within a large city. Larger shock waves are easier to pinpoint than smaller ones. Usually if a character exceeds his target by 5 or less, it is nearly impossible for those nearby to pinpoint its origin. Targets exceeded by more then 10, however, are relatively easy to pinpoint. This is a very fluid and subjective matter left up to the storyteller’s discretion.

While nearby celestials may be able to sense that a force is being used, they can not identify the specific force being applied. Even determining whether the force is of divine or infernal origin is impossible. All that is known is that a celestial power of some kind is in play.

The use of a force can only be perceived at its inception. Forces that have long lasting effects can not be sensed if the celestial arrives on the scene after the invocation of the force. For instance, celestials using the force Link (a force of vigilance) need not fear detection after the link has been established.

There is no limit to the number of times a character can use a specific force during the gaming session. The Almighty, however, frowns on those who over use their celestial talents and under utilize their intellect.

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