Angels’ emotions are frivolous things held in check by tenuous threads of moral obligation. These ancient adolescents often find themselves distracted from their divine duties.

Temptations are the representation of this personality quirk. All beginning characters start the game with three temptations. These are things the child of fire finds particularly hard to resist. These are not inherently depraved desires, but are often simply sources of distraction. For instance, an angel might have a temptation for children. They fascinate him so much that he is willing to forsake his mission for an opportunity to observe or interact with them.

Whenever a child of fire comes across one of these temptations, there is a chance he might succumb to it. This situation is usually resolved through role-playing, but the storyteller can ask for a roll. The roll is always based on whichever virtue is most appropriate for the situation. More about dealing with temptations will be discussed in the Mechanics section.

Players should take heed, though. Temptations should be chosen carefully. Choosing a set of temptations that is too broad may make accomplishing their divine tasks extraordinarily difficult. Likewise, picking insignificant temptations will rob the player of some wonderful chance to role-play. In the end, it is up to the storyteller to decide what temptations are acceptable for his/her game.

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