Providence represents an aspect of the universe a child of fire is particularly adept at dealing with. It can be a thing, an idea, or even an emotion. All rolls involving this "area of expertise" are at +1, regardless of what aspect or virtues is being used.

For beginning characters, this providence must be very specific. The lesser angels are relegated to the rolls of minor providences. Examples might include: bald men, a particular hour of the day, or admiration of one’s parents. At the beginning levels, these have a very small scope in the game. As the characters ascend through the Celestial Hierarchy, their providence will expand. With each new choir they attain, its scope will broaden slightly.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at an example. At creation, a child of fire in the choir of Angels might choose for his providence the hour 2pm. From 2-3 he would gain the bonus listed above. As he progressed through choirs, this power mighty increase to a series of hour (say 2pm-4pm). Eventually this might increase to include an entire month or a specific day of the week (Tuesday for example).

Players may only choose a providence with a non-negative connotation. Things like deception, evil men, and torture are called dominions and fall in the realm of demons not angels.

It is rumored that angels of the first triad (Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones) are able to bestow additional providences to lesser children of fire.

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