An angelic order, in its simplest terms, is much like an occupation for a child of clay. The concept is actually much broader than a normal mundane career. It determines the nature of a character as well as what missions the celestial is apt to be sent on. An angel of vengeance would not be sent to tell a young woman she was about to give birth to a holy child. Likewise, it would be unlikely for a ministering angel to be sent on a mission to protect an important relic.

There are many orders among the children of fire. Unfortunately, most of them have a rather limited scope in terms of the game. For instance, there are many orders whose members rarely if ever travel outside the Seven Heavens. It would be pointless for players to make angels of these orders. For this reason, players must choose one of the six angelic orders listed below. These are the broadest of the orders and allow for the most diverse role-playing.

Guardian Angels
Primary Forces: Vigilance, Protection, Perception
Secondary Forces: Benevolence, War
These are angels whose mission is to protect people, places, and items. Their job is to protect these things from harm and evil influence. While this may seem like a simple enough task, angels of this order are given many charges at once. Difficulty arises from the fact that the angel can only be in one place at a time. For this reason, almost all members of this order have the force Link, which allows travel directly to a specific thing.

Ministering Angels
Primary Forces: Revelation, Benevolence, Miracles
Secondary Forces: Protection, Understanding,
It is the charge of these angels to bring both warnings and blessings to the children of clay. They travel the Earth, trying to bolster people’s faith through subtle acts. Their missions are often vague and rife with ambiguity. Though they are often the weakest at the combative arts, they are usually the angels of highest Grace.

Angels of the Sword
Primary Forces: Fire, War, Protection
Secondary Forces: Miracles, Weather
This order constitutes the Almighty’s divine warriors. They are the guards of all things celestial. For instance, it is Cherubim of this order who guard the Garden of Eden in the Third Heaven. Additionally, they are the ones sent to Earth to actively battle against the fallen and other evil emanations. In some cases, they are sent down to the armies of men to help them be victorious against malevolent forces.

Angels of Vengeance
Primary Forces: Vengeance, Fire, Weather
Secondary Forces: War, Perception
These are the angels sent down to unleash the wrath of God. Though they do occasionally do battle with celestial creatures, their primary goal is to punish the children of clay. They bring with them famine, disease, fire, and brimstone. This is a harsh job indeed, often going against what seems just and fair. Of all the orders, this one has the most difficulty maintaining and increasing Grace.

Angels of Purification
Primary Forces: Purification, Understanding, Fire
Secondary Forces: Weather, Vigilance
Uriel’s angels of purification are among the most feared of all orders in the halls of Heaven. Their mission deals not with the children of clay or with evil forces, but involves monitoring and punishing their own kind. With the book of Retribution in hand, they seek out any angels who transgress against the will of God. Often they roam the world in search of the Lost, so that they can bring them before Uriel’s council. In some cases, they are sent to watch over a specific child of fire whose behavior is deemed questionable.

Primary Force: Mortality, Understanding, Benevolence
Secondary Forces: Perception, Miracles
The Seraph Michael is the leader of this group of angels whose job it is to release the souls of the recently departed children of clay and send them on their way to the afterlife. In addition, it is the job of this order to seek out any souls who have failed to ascend to either Eden or Tartarus and instead wander aimlessly about the Earth. They are often sent to battlefields by the thousands to facilitate the passing on of the children of clay.

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