This step is the most crucial in creating both the character you want and one that will be enjoyable to play. Without it, the rest of this process will be nothing more than a boring exercise in number crunching.

Focus on one thing you would like from your character. This can be an archetypal concept (a rebel, a warrior angel, etc) or perhaps this one idea centers around an exceptional or deficient quality of the character (the angel is exceptionally strong, the angel is naïve, etc). This process can also be started by concentrating on a particular personality trait in your character (kind, vengeful, direct, etc). Lastly, you can start character creation by imagining the character’s appearance, either in earthly or angelic form. Are there any distinguishing physical features you can latch onto? Are there any distinctive mannerisms he possesses?

Once you’ve found a central theme to work from, the rest of the character creation process will have more meaning. Keep this central idea clearly in mind as you progress through the remaining steps.

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