3.1.4   ASPECTS

All celestials can be described in terms of aspects. These aspects attempt to define the core of the child of fire. They give us generalities about what the character is capable or not capable of. They allow us to make comparisons between them and other characters in the story. In all there are five aspects that define a child of fire: Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Vigor, and Glory. Characters start with a five in each of these. The players then have 20 points to divide up as they see fit among their character’s aspects. Keep in mind, however, that starting scores can not exceed 13.

Knowledge governs recall and recognition. To remember a face, know the layout of a specific place, or recall the name of a fallen angel might require a knowledge roll. Knowledge is used for many perception and awareness forces.

Understanding governs the character’s ability to comprehend the complex patterns that make up both the celestial and material worlds. It is used to fathom the use of mysterious items and to interact with technology. It is used for countering deception, and gives a general indication of how long a child of fire can be away from his celestial home before forgetting his divine nature.

This aspect reflects the character’s outward ability to exert himself on his environment. It can be thought of as all physical attributes (strength, dexterity, quickness, athleticism, etc) put together. And yet it is so much more than this. It is involved, to some degree, in any act seeking to exert the will of the child of fire on the universe and its laws.

Vigor is the opposite companion to power. As power represents the reservoir of outward energy, Vigor represents the reservoir of inner energy. It is the character's resistance to the environment rather than his ability to influence it. In addition, it dictates how much damage a celestial can endure before being returned to the Heavens. Forces that seek to damage the celestial spiritually or mentally are often resisted with ones Vigor. Think of it as the character’s ability to remain unchanged.

This aspect is akin to presence. It represents the impressiveness and righteousness a child of fire can convey. It can be used to intimidate mortals and celestials alike. Glory is the base for many celestial forces, including Vengeance, Miracles, and other powers of coercion.

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