3.4.1   OVERVIEW

Both demons and children of clay play crucial rolls in the game. Unfortunately, some of the rules governing them differ from those applied angels. It is for this reason that these two groups demand special attention. The following sections attempt to clear the confusion that may have set in and clarify how these beings differ from angels.

For children of clay, the world is often seen as a mundane place. They are locked into their material realm, not privy to the ethereal wonders going on around them. They are weak creatures when compared to the celestial beings who battle over their souls. This does not, however, mean they are mindless creations always getting in the player’s way. It should be remembered that the children of clay are almost always the focus of the games. It is their salvation that is at the center of  an angel’s existence. Storytellers should make an effort to introduce rich and complex children of clay into their stories. Their moral dilemmas will become the characters’, and their ultimate fait will decide whether the characters are victorious or meet with failure. Unfortunately, being creatures of matter and mortality there are some additional features to them.

Demons, on the other hand, are those children of fire who have fallen away from the light of the Almighty. While they are just like angels from most statistical standpoints, there are additional considerations to be made with them. Their lack of connection with God has made them resentful of the children of clay. Their ultimate goal is turn as many of these mortals away from the Almighty as possible. While they do indulge in their own depravities, they are always trying to corrupt the righteous. Because of their lesser numbers and lack of having the Almighty on their side, demons are far more subtle then we would give them credit. They often work behind the scenes and are not always quick to confront angels directly. The storyteller should take this into consideration when introducing them into the story. They are usually not uncouth monstrosities (though some can be) who mindlessly attack all that is good. Their strength is far more insidious.

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