3.4.8   DEVILS

Demons are not under the same restrictions as angels when it comes to bearing offspring. In fact, demons will often beget progeny from union with other demons or unholy creatures. The results of these couplings are devils. The material world is teaming with these hideous creatures.

In most cases, (Asmodeus being a notable exception) devils are lesser versions of demons. While they posses many of the minor infernal forces, their aspects are generally much lower. Additionally, they do not share the same immortal nature of their fathers. Though their natural life span seems endless, they can be killed. Like the Anakim, who also have no souls, once they are killed there is no afterlife. They simply cease to exist.

Devils tend to cause more mischief then real harm. Because of their mortal nature, they will almost always flee from direct confrontations with the children of fire.

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