What is virtuous for the sons of light is contemptible to the sons of darkness. For this reason not all the virtues given to angels are meaningful  to demons. Prudence and Fortitude cross the boundaries of good and evil, but the following two infernal virtues are meant as substitutes for Justice and Temperance.

This represents the demon’s ability to pull the wool over others’ eyes and to conceal those things best left hidden. It is much more than simply the ability to lie. It also represents the passive ability to mislead. There is a downside to this, however. Demons with very high deception score my not be able to tell the truth even if it serves their best interest

With a callous heart, the demon is able to inflict torment on the most innocent of creatures without a second thought. As with all virtues there is a downside to a high score. Those with an exceedingly high cruelty may not be able to resist the lure of causing suffering, even if it interferes in their mission.

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